Embed process data in our datasets

Created on Monday 29 August 2022, 21:55

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Our data structure has been set up to accommodate recording of the different economic processes or activities that are linked to material flow data. There is a "from" and "to" field in the data structure. For instance, a flow could go from "mineral extraction" to "smelting". However, at present we are in no way recording these data. There is no way in which a user can indicate which processes are involved in a certain dataset, and these two columns are completely empty in the dataset.

In order to start using this, we must:

  • Have a way for users to indicate which processes are linked to their data (in the data sheet? at dataset level? at dataset type level?)
  • Figure out which catalogs we are going to use/recommend
  • Record the data in the database
  • Visualize data to people can see which processes link to data
  • Allow people to filter data based on the processes involved

This is going to be a significant undertaking but it is important for the general functioning of our system.

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