Embed Metabolism of Cities more in Wikipedia

Created on Tuesday 23 June 2020, 15:02

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    Communication and engagement
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We are mentioned with one little link on the UM wiki page: here
Aside from possibly being embedded in other pages, we could at least be more visible in the UM page. This could be done by, for example:
- Adding some of our visualisations (from MC)
- Mentioning the MOOC to learn more
- describing tools; there is not any mentioning of Stan or Sankey or MC
- linking videos?
- saying that there is a community around it (organised by us)

we should do this gradually. If we suddenly put 10 links to MoC on Wikipedia they'll be removed due to spamming. So the strategy is to every now and then take an article and improve it (the whole article, not just a single piece that is of our concern), and then also add a link to MoC while we're at it

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