Make page for public front-end for adding a publication

Created on Tuesday 30 June 2020, 17:06

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    Programming work
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    Paul Hoekman
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman

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We have/had this page in the current/old site, where people can add their publications to the library:
At the moment, we don't have this page and functionality and it would be highly desirable to get it back with the same functions.

Discussion and updates

New task was created

I have recently made this page, it is located in the library under LIBRARY > ADD A PUBLICATION -- does that solve this issue?

Oh, fantastic!! That does solve the issue. Don't know why I didn't see it, my bad.
Is it functional yet?
Do we get an email notification when someone adds a publication? Or can we (either skip or next to the email) have a section with all the publications that need to be reviewed (tagged and activated) by the library team?

OK no problem, good that this sorts it out. Yes, it's fully functional. When someone adds a publication, a new task is auto-generated that is about reviewing / publishing it. The idea is that the new people can first figure out how to upload stuff, and in the next wave we look at properly cataloguing it.

Great, great!! I will add some to try it out.
Yeah, I remember that thinking behind it. So I assume that the reviewing isn't front-end functional and polished yet, is it?

Correct, that's right. It will be in a week or so but it's not yet the highest priority.

Task was assigned to Paul Hoekman

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