Upcoming events: tickbox/filter to only the select the ones where MoC is involved

Created on Tuesday 30 June 2020, 17:31

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    Metabolism of Cities
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We have this nice events list that shows events from MoC AND from the wider community, basically anything related to UM or urban sustainability etc.
It would be nice to have a tick box or any other way that allows the user to only display/filter fo the events where MoC is involved.
And/or, we could simply also include a link to that page: https://new.metabolismofcities.org/events/ but for some reason not all MoC events are listed there yet, e.g. PlatforumU and seminar series etc. are missing. This probably has to do with some tagging or classification.

Moreover, maybe, we "just" need an extra field with the organising organisation(s) that we can link the event to, which will enable us to filter for MoC events and yay! for relationship manager, events can also show up on the organisations' pages.

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