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Created on Wednesday 1 July 2020, 05:01

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    Programming work
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    Data Hub Priority Plan 2021 General data hub improvements
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    Paul Hoekman
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman
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The idea is that people can vote for those tasks they like, and that way we can gauge interest in certain features and prioritize the ones that receive most votes.

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I've been thinking about how to set this up, and I think we should use the same concept as the superb platform iNaturalist uses which is that each person will have a limited numbers of votes to cast. Say you get 15 votes. They will get assigned to open tasks as you cast them, and when you run out, you can't vote anymore. However, any task that is completed (or discarded) will see your vote returned and you can then re-cast this. You can also take a vote back if you want to and re-cast if you see a higher-priority task. That way we avoid people blindly voting for everything, but we still have some flexibility. I'm not sure yet on the number. Anywhere from 10-20 makes sense I guess.

That sounds cool! I haven't seen what it looks like on iNaturalist, but know the site. (I remember well the photo "treasure hunt" when we were out and about in Cape Town.)
Would it also be possible to cast several on one task, let's say 3 votes on one task, in case that one is really important to me? Or is the vote count supposed to represent the number of people upvoting this?

Hmmm good question, I don't know.... what do you think?? I think we should cap it somehow so we don't have like 20 votes but just from one person. Maybe allow say 3 votes max...??

It depends on what we want to achieve with the voting. Ensuring that we can stress that a task has our support (capping it at 3 votes sounds good then), OR that we see that this is something that a certain number of people in the community wants.
If a task has 9 votes, does it mean that 3 people want it very badly or that 9 people support it. What is more valuable to know? As much as I'd like to dedicate a high number of votes to a single task, my feeling is that we should go towards single-vote. We can let the community vote on this though :P

haha ;-) OK great, thanks, good input. Let's start with one vote per person per task, and leave it to others to create a new task and vote in it, if this should be changed ;-)

The voting system was now integrated. As discussed, you can vote once for a given task. Votes should indicate that you are in favor of the particular tweak, addition, or job that is described in the task. That you think it is something valuable that will help us, and that it should be prioritized over other tasks. You can give up to 10 tasks a vote at any given time. Once a task is completed (or discarded) your vote is "liberated". You can also take your own vote back by removing it at any time. Currently, the total number of votes is simply shown in the list of tasks (general list, not in the priority plan). As the mini-site comes together I will embed it in more places (and also allow e.g. sorting by number of points and viewing your own votes in a single list). For now I am completing this particular task.

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