Write up an explanation of the point system

Created on Wednesday 1 July 2020, 08:52

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    Communication and engagement
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    Kim Finlay
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    Carolin Bellstedt
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We are starting to build and put into action the point system, so we should have a write-up that explains to people how it works. I've made an empty page that is linked in this task. Note that we don't have to actually LIST all the badges (or the number of points per tasks), as we'll pull that from the database so that we always have the latest information there.

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Done. How can I see this on the site?

Great, thanks! Do note that we best remove any reference to specific levels and badges as they will be pulled in from the database -- otherwise we have to maintain two lists whenever we want to change anything.
I will embed this as I work on creating the point system, working on it now.

FYI the page can now be seen here. I've actually split them up in two separate pages -- in case you want to edit them please note that the badges pages is separate. As I mentioned I have removed the list with badges and points and instead linked it to our database. If you want to add any new points or badges, or modify existing ones, please do so in the admin section and it will be reflected on the page.

Nice! This is awesome!

I also really like the "Last seen" on people's profiles.

So cool! Well done :)
A bit suspicious that there is only one programming task type and it gives 10 points...hahaha

Hahaha yeah I agree, not sure if it was me putting down those points but it could well be ;-)

The numbers for points definitely need to be adjusted. For programming (and some other tasks) one issue is that it can be wildly different in the time it takes. Some tasks take me 10 minutes, others 5 hours... not sure yet how we should deal with that.

Yeah, this is tricky. Perhaps we could have sizes of tasks? Small, medium, big? We'll probably see about it as we go along and get experience with how fierce the competition becomes.

Yep indeed, agreed. We should find a balance between complexity and user-friendliness. Trying it out and adjusting as we go along is likely the best way to go.

Oh yes, I flagged this when I was draft g these points. I have no idea how to categorize programming tasks due to my narrow knowledge of programming, but this should definitely be adjusted according to time and effort required.