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Created on Wednesday 1 July 2020, 15:43

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    Metabolism of Cities
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So we have this events section, with lots of relevant events. However, as we expand this the question is: what kinds of events are interesting for our community? Where do we draw the line? Topics we should clearly demarcate whether they should be covered when we decide to include them or not may be:

  • Scale: urban only?

  • Approach: does it directly need to speak to urban metabolism? Resource stocks and flows? More general urban sustainability?

  • Are circular economy events included?

  • Is there anything about the audience that makes us want to include/exclude them?

We don't have any clear policies on this yet. It would be great to try and write up a clear document that outlines what parameters should be met for something to be included. The existing list of events can serve as inspiration for what we incline to include, but it shouldn't be considered that these SHOULD actually meet the parameters.

If you take on this task, you can simply write up the proposed policies right here, and you will receive feedback. We will set up a voting system, and once your proposed policy has enough votes it will be adopted as our official policy!

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Ideas/tips I believe that regions should be taken into account, including those shared by several countries, territories which want to become independent and belong to two countries (e.g. The Aland Island). Another aspect that could be added is the advance in artificial islands, territories won from the sea (e.g. Singapore), the latter generating great changes at a global level due to its high productivity / technology / governance. On the other hand, take into account the loss of autonomy (e.g. Hong Kong) the latter as it can alter the entire database that is on the page and become obsolete. 1) Political (Metabolism) flow 2) Urban trends

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