Upload visualisations from publication: URBAN METAL MANAGEMENT: THE EXAMPLE OF LEAD

Created on Thursday 2 July 2020, 08:20

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    In Progress
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    Upload a data visualisation
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    Good entry-level task
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    Gerardo Ezequiel
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    Gerardo Ezequiel

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There are quite a few visuals from this publication that could be a useful addition to our Multimedia Library. Flex your upload skills and add a few of these to the Multimedia Library. Upload here

General instructions

To add a data visualisation, first locate the image in its original context (generally a journal paper, but it could also be a report or website). Save the image to your computer and gather the necessary meta data of the original publication (author, year of publication, etc). Then, go to the UPLOAD section in the Multimedia Library where you can fill out a form with these details. That's it!

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