Review Social Media images: Contributor Series

Created on Thursday 2 July 2020, 16:12

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    General review work
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    2020 Launch Sprint Good entry-level task
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    Ramiro Schiavo
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    Kim Finlay
    Ramiro Schiavo

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Some more visuals for review. This will be a part of the contributor series where we promote the specific projects that people can contribute towards.

Theses are for all platforms: Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The long vertical posts will be Instagram stories with a "Swipe up to join" option that takes you straight to the relevant page.

It's also quite easy to change the orientation of these so if you think we need banner size (long horizontal versions) I can also do those.

Discussion and updates

Task was assigned to Ramiro Schiavo

This is muy suggestions, I find the use of neutral and third person titles for propaganda interesting. However, a language with specific guidelines that urge the collaborator to commit to a creative production would be of great help. 1)The future collaborator must feel responsible for their production, that way a greater commitment would be achieved. 2) This would make it clear that it is not just a matter of accumulating data, but of giving a physiology to this new organism.

As the MoC page is so dynamic, with many changes, that would represent the essence of the MoC and make it clearer to the person who is looking for us or finding us on social media.

Status change: Open → Completed