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Created on Friday 3 July 2020, 10:42

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    Metabolism of Cities
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With our community expanding and the potential for more people to get on the posting side of our social media train, I've put together a short summary of the basics. There's been some suggested updates on a few things since the last editorial guide:

  • Font: It is now explicit what the preferred font for visuals is, and I've offered an alternative pending your review!

  • Language: Previously, Metabolism of Cities could only be written about in the third person. As we have started pushing our sense of community, camaraderie and collaboration, I recommend we make some changes to the way we reference ourselves in writing. Now anyone writing on behalf of us uses collective pronouns that more accurately portray our sense of community and inclusivity. Things like "Join Us", "Collaborate with us" sound more welcoming than "Collaborated with Metabolism of Cities"

  • Colour One additional colour for your review

Please add comments and suggestions to the pdf. Looking forward to finalising this :)

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Discussion and updates

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Hello Kim,
First of all, thank you for compiling everything in a single presentation, this helps a lot and it was necessary so we do not need to read scattered docs.
I think the Font works perfectly and the wording you suggest makes all sense.
I am attaching a PDF (Also JPG here) with my feedbacks, in general, some stuff to add and some others to think about in order to make a complete guideline once for all.
A summary of what the feedback contains:
-Use of Colours
-Use/creation of Logos/Sublogos
-Use of Graphics

This is awesome! So far the vector graphics I have found are open source (here at and the colours can be changed. I use this quick online editor Method Draw to change the colours

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