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Created on Wednesday 8 July 2020, 15:51

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In general for our newsletters we would like to customise these as much as possible according to what people are interested in. For this we need to confirm the structure of the newsletter and the potential “blocks” that can be selected when you sign up for the newsletter. It would also be beneficial if these blocks could be automated to some extent, so that the content is pulled from the various sites and needs a little curation before sending off.

What still needs to be confirmed:

  1. Different newsletter for individual pages or option to combine all in one?

  2. Frequency of newsletter - every month? Every two weeks?

  3. Structure and sections - what sections do we design and what do these contain?

Some ideas for General Newsletter Blocks
News - up to 3 news articles
Events - any Metabolism of Cities event of the month
Member of the month - featured volunteer profile
Featured Video
Featured Visualisation
Featured Podcast
Contributor join block - description of what it means to be a volunteer, maybe display some of the available tasks and a prompt to sign up
Opportunities (jobs, funding call for papers, conferences not run by MoC)

Discussion and updates

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