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Created on Thursday 9 July 2020, 12:55

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    Communication and engagement
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    2020 Launch Sprint Good entry-level task
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    Kim Finlay
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Attached is an overview of the communications strategy which can also be found here, if you would like to make edits to the presentation please pop Kim a message at and she will add you as a collaborator. For this task your feedback and input on the proposed structure, timing and content are very valuable! Please add your comments on the presentation or in the chat below.

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Discussion and updates

New task was created

First of all I want to clarify that I am not an expert in community manager, my opinion is in relation to the practicality of my part to be able to operate on the content media.
I consider it an agile and practical structure to add news / information. Your video makes its operability very clear.
Only two questions 1) It is not clear to me the issue of "campaign", I want to understand that it refers to new projects or reforms that are made in the future. 2) Is the strategic approach carried out by each one with the news? or you Kim receive the information, and you are in charge of publishing it. Good job!!!!!

Thanks Ramiro! So in this case a campaign is a series of social media posts with a particular goal of representing a specific aspect of Metabolism of Cities. So in this instance there are two campaigns: New website pages and Contributors

New website pages refer to all the new pages for the Library, Multimedia Library, Data Hub, Community Hub etc and promoting the content and new features on these pages.

The Contributor campaign compliments each of these features with a post about contributing to this particular page/project.

This is just the first coordinated effort to promote the new website and our new way of gathering the community around these pages. Going forward we can add new campaigns or continue posting in a similar kind of format so that there are campaign cycles and we keep showing off our features as they develop and recruit new contributors and stimulate those that are already involved. Hope this makes it clearer?

  1. For now I think I can publish but this is absolutely open to others as well!

Thanks Kim!.