Hyperlink associated spaces in the library if activated spaces

Created on Monday 26 October 2020, 10:15

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For library items, when they are linked to a reference space, these are shown in the field "associated spaces", as for example Cape Town is in this item: https://library.metabolismofcities.org/library/1889/ I'd suggest that we hyperlink those associated spaces if they are also "activated spaces", to their corresponding city dashboards.
This is probably not only for items in the library, but also other pages such as podcasts, visualisations, etc.

Discussion and updates

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We already do this, but we can only do this if you are browsing it in a website that is a data hub. For instance, if you open it here on the data hub then you see it linked. The problem is that the library is no data hub so it's tricky to link. E.g. HONG KONG, which site should that link to (MoC data hub, MoI data hub, future MoN data hub...), so that's why it isn't linked at the moment. In the longer term we can find a way around this but as I quickly wrote this linkage script this is how I set it up.

Aaaah, I see. I knew that it is done in the data hub, but was wondering why it isn't done in the library, but I understand now.
Haha, with Hong Kong you had to go for the trickiest one :P That brings us back to reference space name issues, which we discussed before would likely need to be cleared/cleaned up too, so that we have something like Hong Kong (city), Hong Kong (island), Hong Kong (country) and all 3 would have to be tagged. Or how there is Amsterdam, Netherlands and Amsterdam in New York and an "Amsterdam" neighbourhood somewhere. But yeah, like you said, something for the longer term.

Yeah we need to clear things up a bit. But in principle we don't need to have reference spaces duplicated to show them on different levels. Instead we can just activate Hong Kong for the various levels it applies to. That way the entire library etc will be available in all sites, without them being independent from each other.

Even better! :)