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Created on Thursday 5 November 2020, 10:17

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    Spanish course: data processing
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MG, just to make sure I don't confuse you: in English we are now working on the DATA COLLECTION course, to take place in Q1, 2021. However, we are also developing the DATA PROCESSING course in Spanish which is about to start. While we're doing that, I'd like to take advantage and already set up the skeleton profile of the DATA PROCESSING course in English. What that means is that I'd like for us to already produce the entries for the course modules in the database, and have the descriptions already in place, because we already know what they will be from the Spanish course. So the idea is that whenever we add a module in Spanish, we replicate the content into the English course. There won't be any videos yet, but it will save time when we get to that point (scheduled for Q2 2021).

So, I have made the first step for this which is to create the actual course profile in English. Can you help by translating the content? All content is already copied from Spanish, so you can just look for the Spanish text and translate to English. Furthermore, can you add a logo for this course as well? Thanks!

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The translations have been done up until module 6. As the next modules are uploaded I will continue adding the new translations