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Created on Thursday 6 August 2020, 10:35

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Hi Aris,

Could you upload a new file here that contains the information that we usually include? What is missing is:

  • Date

  • Unit

  • Material code

CSV format would be ideal. You can simply edit the record and upload a new file instead. Have a look here for additional references and please see attached a sample CSV.

Hey Paul,
I can do that, however we'll have to think through some things. For instance, in this case we need to put the ID of the buildings (so we can link them with the shp of buildings). I can imagine that all building info (building age, height, gross floor area, etc.) should go to 3.02? Also, in the case of Melbourne we have embodied, energy/carbon/water. How do you think we should classify them?

Hi Aris,

I'm picking this up again... in response to your message:

  • Please find in the library item a new attached file ("processed data") where I have taken all data and transformed it into our format.

  • Indeed, all the additional building info should be in the shapefile itself, and this has in fact already been imported because it was detected at the time of processing. Check e.g. here.

  • For embodied materials, I would say simply list the relevant code, but in the material name type "Embodied energy", "Embodied water", etc.

Now, in addition to these points, please refine the attached file and add the right date to it, add the additional info you mentioned, and see if there's anything else to change.

Lastly, when I did a trial run I got an error because your data file lists a building which is not present in the shapefile. It could also be that it's more than one, but the script stops upon getting an error. The issue is with the building with ID "100114". Can you check on that?

Hi Paul,
I head off for holidays. I will have to pick this up when we're both back from holidays.
However, just so I understand correctly. Should I reupload another shp or another csv for the dataset?
Also, I'm not sure what you mean by checking on this building? Should I look at any irregularity for that ID in the fields? Any idea what should I be looking for?

Hi Aris,
Okay sure. You should EITHER upload a new CSV file OR upload a new SHP file. Your goal: the information in the SHP should match the information in the CSV. The information to check is the building ID. All the building IDs that you list data for in the CSV should exist in the SHP. Currently, that is not the case (see building 100114 - present in CSV, not present in SHP). So you should EITHER remove non-existing buildings from the CSV file, or add them into the SHP. Does that make sense?