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Created on Thursday 20 August 2020, 08:06

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    Design work
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    2020 Launch Sprint
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    Aristide Athanassiadis
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    Aristide Athanassiadis
    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman

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It would be really nice if we could have a logo of sorts for the course we recently launched. Really nothing too fancy, but just a nice logo thingy with the name. We can put it on all slides, and on the site. What I'm thinking is something that really shows this is the first in a 3-part data series. So the idea is some sort of overarching logo for the entire series, and then we just highlight that we are in part 1. I am attaching a very very rustic representation of the idea.

Here is the idea. We'd need it in English and Spanish, but let's do the Spanish one first. Having these logos will make a huge difference in the Education Hub, where the courses are the main content at the moment.

In Spanish the main course series is titled: "Metabolismo urbano y manejo de datos" and the three parts of the course are:

  1. Recopilación de datos
  2. Procesamiento de datos
  3. Analisis de datos

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Hey Paul, if I understand well, what you want is something (an image) that we will use here? I'm not sure to get where you want to put this on the slides?

For the slides it's just a matter of adding a logo somewhere, but that's a side detail. The main thing is that the course website is very plain and if we have some graphic elements like a logo for each course, then I think we can make it look much nicer.

Status change: Open → In Progress

Hey Paul would something like this work?

Perfect Aris!! Yeah that should work fine. Maybe the text can be somewhat bigger because if we show it as a smallish thumbnail you won't see it well?

And could you also make two for the other courses??

Could you upload them here?

Ok will do. I don't have access to the page though :)

Access should now be fixed

Ok how about this?

Looks great Aris!!!

(BTW maybe we should use the exact same photo for the English course, so that it's clear that it's the same course, just a different language)

Ok there are all done here (

I can't really add them because there no course at this stage

Great stuff Aris, thanks!! The ones that are there are the ones that matter most for now, so great. When we start with the other ones we can add them as well.

Is there any chance you can also make one for our policy makers course???

These look nice! Aris, I think when Paul was speaking of the other two, he meant the MOOC and the UM for policy makers courses. I wasn't sure if you had access or not, so I uploaded the ones for the English and Spanish course.

Ok I just made the one for policy makers. Will upload it now.

Looks great Aris - thanks!!

Status change: In Progress → Completed