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Created on Thursday 20 August 2020, 13:21

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    In Progress
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    Design work
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    2020 Launch Sprint
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    Carolin Bellstedt
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman

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It would be great to add screenshots or logos for all projects on the overview page , as this will make the page much more appealing.

Discussion and updates

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@Paul, unfortunately, we don't have logos for all the project sites, so for now I'm using screenshots. Before I take the screenshot of the community hub, could you please change the text on the landing page from "The Urban Metabolism Community Hub" to "The Metabolism of Cities Community Hub". Thanks!

Sure Carolin -- done!

Nice. Thanks!

@Paul, the Multimedia page is quite text heavy on the top. How easily could you move the text under the respective boxes? See edit hack, where I'm hoping that the boxes move up enough to possibly even see the nice images. If fairly easy, then I will wait for you to do it, before I screenshot that. Let me know. Thanks.


It just means those little text boxes aren't editable anymore without diving into the code, but I can't imagine we change it very frequently, so it should work just fine...

Next issue: We have the project called Online courses where I remember we went back and forth about renaming this away from the MOOC - I'm actually fine with MOOC and in the menu we call it "Online courses (MOOC)". BUT, this site has its own subsite? Would the MOOC have its own subsite or be embedded in the Education hub or in Education where it currently sits in the menu? What should we do here? It's a bit confusing.

Oh, perfect. Thanks Paul! Hadn't seen your response as I was typing.

OK let's see - this indeed is confusing stuff with no immediately easy solution. Some thoughts:

  • For starters I would suggest that we have a project that we keep with the name "MOOC for policy makers" or something similar, which is specifically about the course we developed and launched. It had a funder, a specific goal, and it is in a way its own project.
  • However, at this point there are offshoots of that project which need a clear name and label. I would suggest that we list under EDUCATION in the menu the "Metabolism of Cities Education Hub", which contains three online courses (we can add MOOC to that or not). In fact at the moment that's all it contains, but it may well expand in the future to hold more educational things.
  • I suggest that in the main navigation menu (both in the header and in the footer) we do not list the "MOOC for policy makers" as a separate item. The reason being that this simply got absorbed into this bigger sub-site which is listed (MoC Education Hub).
  • In our project list, however, we do list it, but we make it clear that this project got absorbed into the Education Hub and can now be found there.

What do you think??

Hey Carolin, just checking to see if you'd be able to pick this up again today? If not maybe someone else can help? Would be really nice to sort this out before going live.

Hi Paul, I was out for the weekend, enjoying the last days of summer in Canada. But, I will pick this up again now and hoping to finish this up quickly, so I can possibly provide more input on other ends.

As for the course situation:

  1. Good idea. Changed it to that and saw you also changed it in the menu. I've unmarked that it has it's own subsite, but you must change the redirection, I believe, perhaps to here (there are two "Syllabus" in there btw)
  2. Ok, good. Agreed. Yes, it can easily hold more educational things, that is also what I listed in the hub description (starter kit, theses, etc.)
  3. Hmm, ok, but now you did after all? I think it is actually fine to list it and then redirect.
  4. Agreed. Will move on with this accordingly. Will also create relationships to list partners and funders, but I don't know who is who, so you may want to correct / let me know. Thanks.

(Just found a redirection issue, when opening this task. I was on the community subsite, clicked on sprint, then my profile to find my task under ongoing work and then it doesn't lead me to this task, but says it can't find the page, when it is that same link but with community instead of "new".)

Dealing with the seminar series project, it links here: Is that meant to be the case (cause there isn't much there, but possibly you want to migrate here?) or should it be this one:

Almost there, only missing the STAFDB info: around start date and an image and I don't have the dates for the living lab.

Thanks Carolin. Hope you had a good weekend!

Reply about the courses:

  1. OK perfect. I've removed the extra syllabus.
  2. Perfect. BTW I already loaded the theses section. Good idea!
  3. Well I had left it there until we'd settle on something. But I'd say if we keep it, then should we not list the other courses? It's a bit odd to have one course listed, but not the other two, no? I'd say either we remove it (let them be part of the Education hub), or list all of them (but in that case there is some duplicity with the Education Hub also being listed, which is why I'd suggest we remove it from the navigation menus).
  4. Saw the partners added -- all good!

Redirecting: thanks for heads-up, I will sort this out. I've fixed the seminar series link.

STAFDB: I'll look into it!

1, 2, 4. All good. Thanks. 3. Yep, let's remove it then. Duplication isn't nice and the menu would be too cramped too.

The only thing missing from the projects is that the funders are pulled in. Btw, for the MOOC project, I had made the relationship that GI-REC is the funder. However, I added GI-REC as a project and not an organisation, so I don't know if that relationship even works? AND I added it as public project in the back-end here since there was no front-end possibility, but it doesn't show in the overall list? Do I need to assign it as a "part of project" (in community?) at the bottom?

Trying to see if we can mark this as completed, but the above wasn't addressed yet. "MOOC" is still in the menu and the second point is unanswered.