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Created on Friday 21 August 2020, 08:27

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    2020 Launch Sprint
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    Kim Finlay
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Hi all!

We have a new social media management system, based on previous discussions around how to prepare our content. By preparing our social media posts around the website relaunch, we will force ourselves to make sure that all kinds of bits and pieces on the website are up to scratch. So it would be great if you can help thinking out and preparing content.

Ideally someone takes charge of guiding this whole project, and adds tasks/discusses things as per some sort of a plan. Kim you have already worked on this quite a bit so perhaps you can initiate this? If others are keen to assist please help out and work together on getting this ready!

You can see here how you can help.

NOTE: if you can not yet access the socialmedia content manager, then please give me a shout here as we will need to add a certain permission setting.

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Discussion and updates

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This is AWESOME! Will do a test now

This is very cool! One thing I would add when creating a post from our existing content is to include the url of that item in the "Load new post" form so that we can add the link to the post text for people to click to see the item on the website. Added bonus is a shortened URL to add to the post. Otherwise the post creator needs to go find the content url and paste into the text field

Good point Kim, I'll add that. We can later auto-shorten them as well, I believe there are APIs for that, but let's start with just pulling in the link. Stay tuned.

Hey Kim, I've added the URL at the top. You can right click > copy URL to use it in the text etc.

It's also possible to configure something that the system always does this by default, so if you can come up with some sort of a "formula" (if news, then end with "Read more" linked to article, etc), then we can embed that.

Last point... it would also be great to define the auto-loading of certain things. E.g. if a dataset is added, then send it to Twitter the next day automatically, stuff like that. Or more refined, linking certain things to certain campaigns, etc. Anyways, over to you!

Paul, The event is in relation to personal production (e.g. Chinese seminar) or other event from others sites.(?)

Hi Ramiro,

The list with events is linked to the events published on our website. See here. In general we want to promote events that we organize, but if an event is especially interesting for our social media visitors, then we can also include other events (but of course it must then also be added to our events page). But we must have some sort of a strategy in place to decide when and what kinds of events we publish.

Maybe Kim can provide some guidance around how we should best roll out the social media campaigns so that there is some central guidance about what to upload. Or maybe someone else who's been managing social media for MOC can suggest a route?

Ramiro, I gave you the wrong link, the events can be anything that is published in our Community Hub, so this is the right link.

Paul, Thanks! no problem.

We haven't created much content yet within the scope of the social media campaigns. I'll now start writing stuff because we need it to go live. You may want to use some of these write-ups for the social media stuff. See here.