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Created on Friday 21 August 2020, 17:15

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    General review work
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    2020 Launch Sprint
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    Carolin Bellstedt
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman

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This is the task to deal with making sure our project list looks great before we launch. I'm working on technical improvements. I will add details here about what would help in terms of content-polishing.

To get started, please see the overview page itself. I have now shown the date range properly, using months only (exact dates just make it cluttered). However, a number of projects have no date whatsoever. Can dates be added to all projects? For the things that we launch NOW (e.g. education hub) we can just put the date for Sunday ;-)

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Discussion and updates

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Status change: In Progress → In Progress

The following things can now be further improved and will show on the individual project pages:

  • If any reference spaces (e.g. a city) is linked then it will show as RELATED LOCATIONS. NOTE: I think most of them are already properly linked.
  • If any partners are set up (through the relationship manager) then they will show up in a partners list. Example here (still some missing for that project BTW)
  • If any news is linked, it will show up (I think this was already done before, but would be good to check)
  • If any events are linked, they will show up (some events are linked but shouldn't be - like the mass volunteer onboarding event linked to all projects)
  • If any videos are linked AND manually connected in the coding-side, then they show up (I did this for the Masters Class)

Would be great if these points could be reviewed and fixed where possible --- we likely continue to polish this over the coming period but doing a good initial fix-up will make a big difference.

Alright! I finally got around to finish tackling that. Here the outcome/my questions:

  1. reference spaces - how do I add related locations? Tried to do it for seminar series through activated spaces, but that didn't work and can't define it in project either.

  2. partners. I think that they are all properly linked now. Partners aren't hyperlinked to their profile, I assume that this is because the community site isn't set up yet.

  3. news are all linked.

  4. Correct events are all linked.

  5. videos. MOOC videos aren't linked yet. "Project: Education Hub" could have the two courses' videos linked, but that could be a bit much.

  6. Funders aren't pulled in yet.

Fantastic stuff Carolin!! This is great!

I'll go over these points and get them sorted where possible. On (5) agreed that it will get a bit much, let's not link those.

Ok, good. Thanks. Can I mark this as completed then or do you need this as reminder to finish the other things?

Feel free to mark as completed -- I'll just report back here when done but this task was done in itself.

Status change: In Progress → Completed