Set up the new data hub homepage

Created on Sunday 23 August 2020, 20:10

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    Programming work
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    2020 Launch Sprint
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    Paul Hoekman
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    Paul Hoekman

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We must set up an appealing homepage for the datahub, which conveys:

  • That we have various phases in the development, and are currently primarily focused on the DATA COLLECTION phase

  • That data is actively being collected in a large number of cities - and ideally we show some progress indicators

  • That this is a community effort and that people can help

Discussion and updates

New task was created

Task was assigned to Paul Hoekman

Status change: Open → In Progress

I've been trying to set up something for our launch. See attached a screenshot - and here the live version.

The system loads 3 sample cities from a selected list of cities (all of them have some info, as not to show cities with barely any progress). When people click one of the phase numbers, they see a short blurb (to be properly written up). My idea is to add a decent explanatory text around the phases, and especially around how people can assist, and to link that from the homepage as well.

Input welcome.

For now this seems to be a decent structure. I'm gonna mark this initial setup as completed. If we want to make changes later then we can create a new task.

Status change: In Progress → Completed