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Created on Monday 24 August 2020, 14:27

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    Process shapefile
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    Aristide Athanassiadis
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Hey Paul,
I'm just adding the NUTS levels here. I think there is a small issue though. As only one file contains all NUTS levels they will all be bundled and probably not appearing by level. Should I somehow divide the existing shapefile in many smaller ones containing each scale separatly?
Any idea how I should proceed? Mapmaker? QGIS directly?

OK great Aris. Noted with the multiple levels. I would definitely do this in QGIS. Mapmaker is nice for quick and easy changes but this sounds more complex. I'd separate them out in QGIS and then create four separate file and upload them separately (level 0, 1, 2, 3).

Hey Aris, I saw you had already completed processing, but I manually reverted that. This is a huge file that is going to create a big load on the server, and if the files aren't yet split up properly it will all just be clutter in the system. So please re-process once the file changes have been made. Thanks!!