Restructure Data Layer Tags

Created on Wednesday 18 November 2020, 09:25

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Based on the experience of the first data courses, and the technical needs arising in the second set of courses, it makes sense to restructure the library tags. Key changes that I would like to apply:

  • No duplication (no AGRICULTURE under both flows and stocks)

  • Allowing people to turn tags on or off for their city, thus allowing the creation of a true completion percentage (well, at least better)

  • Creation of sub-tags for certain infrastructure so that we can programatically differentiate between AIRPORTS and CYCLE LANES, which would currently both fall under TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE.

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Hi Aris and Carolin, I know that you have some specific needs with CityLoops. How about I first outline a new structure here, and you can then decide if that kind of structure may possibly work for you. If it does, great, and we'll roll it out site-wide. If not, then I'll set up a system in which the CL site can have its own tagging structure. How does that sound?

Sounds fantastic! Thanks for taking this on.
Not sure if you remember, but I had already done some work around tags in this task (, but perhaps that is already superseded?

There are also some "can be deleted" or something parts in some MFA method tags (in case that is part of this operation) - if you could leave those alone that would be good, because they haven't been retagged properly yet - a goal to be initiated by the future "library TF leader / captain".

Ahhhh wait, sorry for the confusion, my idea is to focus primarily on the "data layer tags" in this task. Of course the other tags should also be cleaned up (I did a bit of that recently btw), but that's indeed best left within the scope of that other task. Let me rephrase the title of this one to be clearer....

Ah, haha, I see. Will you make the draft in a doc first or change it right away on the site? I think that there were also some notes in our handbook doc and Aris who has been focusing on the CL layers might also have some general insights.

I'll make separate notes first, so that we can discuss it a bit, and then depending on your CL requirements we can see if this can be integrated as a site-wide solution or not. So I'll keep you posted - will check the notes in the previous docs as well when I start working on this.