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Created on Thursday 26 November 2020, 15:54

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I think it is really interesting to know which are the biodiversity reserve areas. Can I process this file? Thanks! :-)

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Hi Nicole, this shapefile also contains useful info but it's not about many individual reference spaces so we should try and convert it into a single record. Can you subscribe to this and re-process later into a single reference space?

Hi Paul, thanks a lot for all the information and to reply so fast!
Can you maybe explain me what is the difference between a shapefile containing multiple element recorded in an indivudual or multiple reference space ?
Thank you again in advance,
Nicole :-)

Hi Nicole,

A simple example is your shapefile of Lausanne. In that shapefile there are two individual polygons. However, they really represent one "reference space" (a reference space is a specific area/point that we want to link to something, e.g. flows or stocks). However, there are other examples, like a database with trees or with biodiversity reservoirs in the city like this particular file. In these cases, we don't really want to create a unique "space" for each tree or each biodiversity reservoir, because we won't link those individual elements to flows or stocks. Rather, we want to take the entirety of that shapefile and use that information (containing details of all trees or all biodiversity layers) and put that on the map and contrast that with other infrastructure or flows). So in these cases we don't want the system to create all these individual spaces that make everything heavier and more complex, but we just want to treat the systems as a single layer without further subdivisions.

Does that make sense?

Hi Paul, yes I understood.
Thank you and happy new year! :-)