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Created on Wednesday 2 December 2020, 15:54

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MG, can you help identify potential partners for our course next year? We are using our existing networks and therefore have a decent coverage in South(ern) Africa, but we should try and broaden that significantly. It would be really great to connect with partners in many other countries. Let's start with countries where English is widely spoken, as the site and course are in English. That still leaves a good number of countries. In each country, let's try to identify at least 1, maximum 3 organizations that seem suitable to partner up with. Characteristics:

  • Some linkage to URBAN and/or SUSTAINABILITY topics.

  • Ideally they operate/have interest at a national level and not just in a single city.

  • They seem to be quite active and capable to team up with us (remember the three partner types.. they could be any of them).

Checking social media activity could be a decent first way to gauge their current activity and in-house capacity. In general think of civic organizations, academic groups/societies, university departments/units, thematic groups or clubs, NGOs, and government-related organizations (but only if they seem rather well-oiled as lots of governments operate at a very slow pace and this will be too last minute).

Please make a Google Spreadsheet with names of orgs and your notes/insights. Add website/social media links where useful, and whatever else you think can help us.

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