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Created on Friday 11 December 2020, 11:30

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We have a whole course on how to process data in Spanish. However, for our English speaking audience we don't yet have a similar explanatory course available. In order to allow people to start processing data, we should also create something, even if it's much simpler (instead of a while course, let's do one of a few videos to go over the key highlights). This allows people to get going, while the English course is being developed.

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The first introduction video is online.

Here is the second video on processing shapefiles.

Next one is done: geospatial spreadsheets. Going to take a break now and I'll continue later with the other ones.

Another one was added: city boundaries.

Hi !
I wanted to start processing some files but when I try I have this message "You need to have obtained a "Data Processor" badge in order to start working on this file."
What should I do ?

Thanks a lot !

Hi Nicole,

Good point! I forgot about that. I've now manually assigned you this badge. Can you try again?

Yes! Now it works. Thank you :-)

I have set up a dedicated video collection for all videos here. Three more videos will be added next week: processing population data, material flows data, and material stocks data. Stay tuned!