Write a manual / process flow for course video uploading

Created on Wednesday 27 January 2021, 09:27

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    General administrative work
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    Carolin Bellstedt
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman

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In order to understand how the process flow works, it would be good to document it in the form of a manual. We can base it on the steps that Paul has described here: https://metabolismofcities.org/hub/work/586644/

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I've started with the manual here. There are still some open questions. Paul, it would be great if you could shed some light there, thanks!

Sure, I've added my replies there Carolin!

Fantastic! Thanks Paul!! Now that we are making the CL videos, this is very useful for Aris and I to understand and know, and to see how we split up the steps.

Status change: In Progress → Completed