User permissions: Allow for people to choose a city

Created on Thursday 4 February 2021, 08:20

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    Programming work
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    Feature request
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    Paul Hoekman
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman

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A Valencian bird sang to me 🎶🐦 and told me about some user permission considerations by Paul, namely that someone could indicate which city they are working on (and then perhaps through that get special permissions for specific work on that city).

How far along is this in the pipeline? I'm asking now, because when the CityLoops course participants sign up next Monday, I'd like to know if they will be able to select their city soon (and then it could be indicated as a "badge" next to their name). OR if instead, I can perhaps ask them to put the city they work on in brackets behind their name in their profile? I'm hoping, it will be easier for them to know who is who when they communicate in the forum.

Side note: Along this line, (when) are we rolling other badges out? Especially in the forum, it would be really useful to see right away how experienced someone is, e.g. Nicole could have her data processor badge/icon next to her name. Questions from others could be directed to them too and we'd now how (detailed) we have to explain something.

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Hi Carolin,

Haha good to see your enthusiasm! Linking cities & people, I can do that quite soon, should be possible by/before Monday.

And badges that requires a proper proper sit-down, which I can't commit to off the bat. Working on my mail and other backlogs first, then getting into new big things.

Hi Paul,

Oh, that's fantastic to hear about being able to have that people-city link soon! Thanks! Let me know if/where I can help.

Got it. One big thing at a time :)

Status change: Open → In Progress

OK done. People can now set it in their profile (ACCOUNT > PROFILE > EDIT PROFILE). Once it's set, it will show in their profile, and also in the forum. I also added the points there ;-) Guus can hopefully improve the look a bit.

Status change: In Progress → Completed

Oh yes! whoopwhoop!! 🙌🙌 This is way cool! Although having the points there too makes it very competitive, at least that's what it brings up/out in me 👻😅 Thanks for this Paul! I've set my "primary data dashboard" right away too, super easy to do.

In CityLoops, at least 3 people work on two cities, namely Høje-Taastrup and Roskilde, both equally. So they can't really choose a primary one. Did you want to limit it to one so it isn't too messy looking in the forum? Could we have a secondary one? Or should we tell them to simply choose one?

Pls tell them to pick one only. It's set to only allow one anyway for now, seems easiest.

Will do. Thanks again!