Add “data quality” indication for collected and processed data

Created on Tuesday 13 April 2021, 08:20

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In a previous iteration of this site and as part of MultipliCity, we had a very nice pedrigree matrix for data quality.

We have previously discussed to bring it back at some point and now the need seems to arise more for it, as we will be introducing various levels of accuracy due to the downscaling calculations, as well as having access to data where we better know if it only has been estimated even if already at city level, for example. To have an indication / indicator for the data quality would therefore be quite nice. Eventually, this indication could also show up in different places, even as part of visualisations for example.

There are two places where such an indication could be made and makes sense right now:

  1. Data collection, e.g. if data you collected which is at the level of the city has been estimated and you want to mark that it is not accurate.
  2. Data processing, e.g. if a processor is downscaling data, it could be marked as of "less quality" automatically and even been given a certain degree depending on the proxy or type of downscaling.

In order to support this task and make it happen, it very likely also requires some discussion on what those degrees of quality, such as on reliability, accuracy, completeness etc. are, plus some front-end work, but we can also use this space to get this started.

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