Upload employment per ISIC code for countries

Created on Wednesday 14 April 2021, 11:02

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One other proxy that might be useful to downscale MF data to city level is the employment per ISIC (or NACE). After quite some search I think the place that has the most interesting dataset for all countries (not necessarily for EU countries as this dataset has already been uploaded through the EUROSTAT bulk upload) is the one from the International Labour Organisation. I think that the most relevant one is this one down below.

Employment by sex and economic activity - ISIC level 2 (thousands) | Annual

Of course that poses some issues. We would need a correspondance between NACE and ISIC (that is not very difficult). This dataset also has various degrees of data per country. For some some nice time series, for others just one year. For some countries you have more ISIC codes than others, etc.

Well you guessed it a happy mess. Perhaps others can continue to explore. Else let's stick to this one?

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