Write a specification for the multi-scale integration

Created on Saturday 5 June 2021, 11:38

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The objective of this project is to address the significant lack of metabolic flow data at the scale of urban territories. With this project, we set up a method to produce metabolic flow data at the urban scale from global databases accessible and standardized at the supra-urban scale.

The general framework of the project is as follows. We use existing standardized databases of metabolic flows at supra-urban scales (i.e., national scale). We then use "downscaling parameters", known at both national and urban scales (e.g., average income, employment distribution, etc.). The observed difference in the values of these downscaling parameters between the two scales allows us to estimate urban flows from national flows. These results are compared for cities for which "classical" flow databases are available.

The methods and parameters for downscaling, as well as the databases to be used, are being selected/production. See the list of tasks.
Context: This project is part of the priority plan for the metabolism of cities for the year 2021. It is carried out with the 2 other projects "MFA integration" and the creation of an API for the data. The data produced in the multi-scale integration project can be directly used for these two other projects.

We do not yet have a full specification for multi-scale integration priority project. This spec should be written according to the regular spec writing outline. This can be done by one person, or by a group of people. There are separate tasks to help specifically with the review once this is completed.

See the following specific tasks:

We meet here : https://meet.google.com/bje-pnrw-oxe

Here is the document

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Discussion and updates

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Hello people interested in multi scaling integration!

Before starting anything, we should have a first discussion next Monday (14th of June), same hour, for our first actual sprint. Please share with a comment here if this does or doesn't work for you.

Also, I've opened a Spec document for the multi-scaling integration.

→ As we said during the meeting it's too early to start writing the specification, we should talk first. However, we can use it as a brain dump for all concerns and brilliant idea we might have :)

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Thanks for this Yves! Just a note: the Google Doc is not editable it seems. But maybe just not by me. I would say just make sure that Simron and Gerardo can edit it (their e-mails are in your inbox), and if anyone else needs editing permissions then they can ask you online.

To make sure anyone can see the introduction of Paul (I case you missed it last Monday), our meeting will start 30min later and on another meet.google .

Let's meet at this time, here

see you then :)

I've just added the 3 first tasks we discussed during our last meeting. See the following specific tasks:
Writing intro for multiscale integration spec. doc.
Literature review for multi-scale integration
Data collection for multiscale integration project

Please, feel to jump in and contribute as much as you want. For example, you could help with the literature review by simply pointing toward interesting papers! or list datasets we can use for this project :)
See you Monday!

added a brief intro

Hello all, a kind reminder that we meet here today : https://meet.google.com/bje-pnrw-oxe

Thanks Yves. Do note that we had a regular sprint today as well (see here), so we were occupied with a few people during that time. I hope you were able to advance some on the planning of the spec from your side.

In our regular sprint we discussed the idea of working on a small experiment to collect some tangible data on certain crops and that we can in parallel to the spec writing work on downscaling options for that particular crop. I will write up a proper task etc for that, but it hopefully makes for a nice practical case so that all that you develop can also be enhanced with some practical experience of running a small real-life experiment.

In any case we are meeting next week to discuss our four cases (three cities + 1 data platform), and to present what we found this week. Maybe you want to join? I will post sprint info etc. later when I've written it up. Also, we might want to publish your meetings more publicly as well so that everyone can sign up etc. So if you have a next meeting for your group then I can also add it to the site if you want, just give me a shout.

Hello, everyone!
Paul, Gerardo, Ramiro, I made a topic in the Forum to talk about our last meeting here

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Hi everyone, just to let you know that Taina was referring to the "corn project" in our last discussion. I have written it up a bit, see below:

Corn project summary:

In order to operationalize the multi-scale integration plan, we will run a practical experiment which takes place while the actual specification for this project is being written up. We hope that this practical experiment can help inform the specification, by having some initial ideas around (un)feasibility of certain aspects around scaling. While this experiment will be small-scale, it allows us to get our feet wet and no doubt will shed some light on things we hadn't thought of before.

This experiment, called the corn project, will look at a few number of crops and participants in this experiment will collect information and data to unpack flows (and stocks) of this crop for their city (and region). We will try to a) get a solid understand how this crop is being used in and around the city, b) obtain data for city-level imports, exports, consumption, processing, and waste flows, as well as any stocks c) obtain the same data at a higher (or lower) level, and d) unpack the relationship between the different scales and to understand what kinds of downscaling opportunities and challenges exist in this experiment, and e) see what kinds of tricks and operations can be applied to any city, and what things are city-, region- or country-specific.

Please note that we will look in every city at one (or several) of the following crops: corn, wheat, soy, rice. Each participant can select the most suitable crop(s) for their city.

Everyone here is invited to join our efforts. Please see Taina's forum topic for more information.

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