Architectonic Networking 2019: Innovation for our Future Cities, Kalavasos, Cyprus

Metabolism of Cities participated in the INNOVATION FOR OUR FUTURE CITIES Architectonic Networking #BeArchitectonic, on Saturday, September 7, 2019 at Kalavasos, Cyprus. The event and exhibition was hosted by Parametricos, a Cyprus based architectural organization, to help visualize and share architectural models, newest architectural technologies and demonstrate the latest research on architectural startup and entrepreneur tech to demonstrate the way cities operate and are built. A number of debates were held on the morphology of our cities with the participation of an international interdisciplinary group of people from different backgrounds and ideologies from across the world. Our Metabolism of Cities Co-Founder member Dr. Gabriela Fernandez presented remotely our newest research: (i) MultipliCity: an online stocks and flows data gathering and visualization platform and (ii) Urban Metabolism and Minority Pulse: an education and awareness campaign targeting minority groups (Carol Maione).


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Summary of Event: