Circularity Hotspot Analysis is on the way!

Hello circularity enthusiasts! 🌍 We have an exciting new method to share with you, now we are in the step of finalising our trilogy SCA - UCA - CHA - the Circularity Hotspot Analysis (CHA)! This innovative approach will help cities to identify urban circularity hotspots for four key material categories. Let’s dive into the details on what will be released soon! 🔍

The aim of the Circularity Hotspot Analysis is to pinpoint material categories and flows that affect the local economy and where therefore circular economy strategies can have the greatest impact. By combining strategic objectives for a circular city with 18 material flow data, cities can identify general circularity hotspots. The method utilises material flow analysis data inputs from Urban Circularity Assessments (UCA) (the first two UCAs are done), including weights and shares of material categories. With those, it is possible to produce outputs which will help determine the contextual circularity hotspots to be discussed using local knowledge and a qualitative approach.
These two types of circularity hotspots will allow for targeted interventions and case studies to optimise circularity in these areas, and provide valuable insights for a city’s circularity performance.

What makes the Circularity Hotspot Analysis stand out is its ability to provide cities with actionable information to drive circular economy initiatives, based on their own local material flow data. It helps cities prioritise their efforts and resources to achieve maximum impact in promoting circularity.

We are currently finalising the CHA method, as an early bird, you can find the current version here, and we will shortly start applying CHA methods to our partner cities. Stay alert for the upcoming CHA reports of Apeldoorn and Bodø!

So, if you're a city looking to boost your circular economy game, the Circularity Hotspot Analysis combined with Urban Circularity Assessment is a powerful tool to consider. If you're interested, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Stay ahead of the curve and unlock the potential of circularity in your urban environment! ♻️ #CircularEconomy #CircularHotspotAnalysis #CircularCity 🌱🌐