Use of OMAT at Columbia University

Metabolism of Cities has worked together with Professor Lynnette Widder at Columbia University to use the Online Material Flow Analysis Tool (OMAT) as part of a class on urban metabolism. Students were taught how they can use OMAT to structure their data collection as part of the case study that each of them undertakes.

OMAT has been used before in a classroom setting when it was recently launched, to facilitate collaboration and enable material flow analysis work to be done as a joint project within a classroom project (read more: Using Web-Based Technology to Bring Hands-On Urban Material Flow Analysis to the Classroom).

In October, Paul Hoekman from Metabolism of Cities gave a remote guest lecture to the class at Columbia University to explain the use and workings of OMAT. Together with Prof. Widder, Metabolism of Cities will be looking at making available the final reports from the class through our website.

We encourage other lecturers who want to use OMAT or other functionalities from the Metabolism of Cities website to get in touch with their ideas or questions.